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We sell Grade and Original Perfumes, Original MIniatures and Vials, Batik Sarawak, Artwork (Handmade Items) and Digital Artwork, and Gifts !!!!!!!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Art work Project: Greeting Cards Design by Rainbow Tulip !

Hi n Salam to dearest all,

I am so so relieved as the project that I've been doing is finally completed.( well actually this was supposed to be yesterday's post)

Tadaaa ~
The project
Client : Izzati
Card: 10 Birthday Cards to her Clients and A thank you note to BNM
Theme: Fun and Cheerful
Quantity : 11
The Envelopes

Card FD1 -Birthday Greetings

Inside Card FD 1

Card FD2 -Thank you card

Inside of Card FD2

My artwork label is RAINBOW TULIP =P

All cards are my design and custom-made according to clients preference. Its been awhile I didnt take orders from clients, now I am happy to be back !

***** All design can be repeated as requested. Interested can email me fredyna85@yahoo.com for prices and design =p

Perfumes & Art

Monday, November 29, 2010

My preloved Items !

Hello fellow visitors and beloved customers and followers,

I have items to let go !
Some are new some arent...but I can assure it is in BEST QUALITY coz hardly used !

So here it goes....

Items RM5

Shawl : Tones
Sold to IFA

Shawl: Music Notes (Nice shawl but I dont like white)
Sold to IFA

Items RM8
(brand new items)


shawl : Pinkish
never worn
bought last month

shawl: indie
never worn
bought last 2 months
Sold to IFA


shawl:  white
Sold to IFA

shawl: buttons
Sold to IFA

Items RM10


top : long sleeves
wore twice
fit s-m

Items RM15

White Knitted Cardigan
Free Size (fit s too)
Never worn

Items RM20
Brand New Items

White lacey top
Never worn
Free Size (fit s too)
Can wear with fancy belt.

Maroon Floral Top
Free Size (fit to S too)
Never worn

Lacey Ruffle Top (purple)
Never worn
Fit size S to M

So interested and wanna know more kindly email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com

Delivery the next day once cleared !

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam Aidil Adha To all Muslims

Greetings and Salam.
Happy EidulAdha and Holiday to all Muslims and visitors.

May you have the joyous day with beloved family and friends.
Order resume as usual oke...coz F'perfumes are not  taking any break.

So browse through our product and any enquiries kindly email me at

We also customized in handmade cards so if interested can contact me oke.
p/s- Fperfumes are currently working on 11 birthday cards.will post about it laterrrrrr

Happy Browsing !!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Follower's D-Day !

Hello, Hello lovely and macho readers and visitors!

In conjunction with Deepavali Celebration and also as our appreciation to our beloved followers,
We are having Discount Day  (D-Day) for all of our followers in all items.

PROMO :  4th Nov - 11th Nov 2010!!!!!!!!

DISCOUNTS !!!!!!!!
Yea, dont we just love discounts ???

So for every purchase of :

1 item from  Perfumes and Art - Free Delivery
2 items from Perfumes and Art - Free Delivery

3 Items from Perfumes and Art - 10% discount of total + Free Delivery !!!!!!

You can mix and match the items oke...batik and perfumes!
Plus for any items to be given as gift we provide FREE wrapping !!!

For more email us at fredyna85@yahoo.com.

So be our follower and lets start browsing and make your orders now !!!!!!

Happy Deepavali !!!!

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