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We sell Grade and Original Perfumes, Original MIniatures and Vials, Batik Sarawak, Artwork (Handmade Items) and Digital Artwork, and Gifts !!!!!!!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Guestbook for ALUMNI USM SMMRE !

I can tell that I am liking this new design and slightly different approach coz this particular order is digitally designed inside and hand decorated outside !

Simple layout on the side for guests to leave contact details but sort of heavy on the outside.
Compared to my previous works this one has a huge space to be decorated...i really love it coz you can see the volume of the 3D if you look closer...

Lets take a look !

Love the peach flower power hehe I dont need to use 2 since one is enough coz its huge ...really.

love how it blooms

see the bling2 hehe

adding a tiny wiremash as the antennaes of the butterfly

more bling2 hehe

comes with box for keep sake.

digital layout designed by me...do not copy yea..

So do u like the new piece of mine?
I am loving this bits to the end =D 

For more kindly email to fredyna85@yahoo.com responds within 8 hours oke =D

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Deepavali and Holidays to all beloveds !

Happy Holidays to those not celebrating Deepavali !
Wanna see more of my Deepavali Photo Hunting go here !

Monday, October 24, 2011

off baby puff

Might have come up with something like this for something new =) 
Will keep you posted =D

Friday, October 21, 2011

Will be away for the weekend only =)

Just a quick note...

I wont be around for the weekend as I am off to weddings in KL.

All emails will be replied on Mon, first thing in the morning yea..
but if I have internet access at my friend's house will surely reply your emails.

For quick response can sms me 
(the no is in the blog-would not want to expose that much yea hehe)

Thanks for Support !
Scrap@perclip !

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Urgent works!

You hear me right !

I have 1 unit  left ready made guestbook...waiting to be decorated now..
Anyone interested and need urgent guestbook buzz me! Able to post it out by end of next week !

Email me and u would be surpirsed !
fredyna85@yahoo.com or sms me oke

Cheerios....browse my label for more !

Sorry this unit has been taken by Wardah !

A lil Mellow =D

Feeling a lil mellow shallow coz it's raining cats and dogs outside.

Just to share of my recent works...completed early last week..only today get to published.

This guestbook I sponsored for a dear friend's wedding...was trying to enhance my skills on the patterns, finally am able to finish one and kinda happy with the outcome since its the first try ( try and error indeed)...same colour I used for Siti Nasuha's Wedding Guestbook. Only with a different touch.


Mini Tags with Magnet !

As you can see on the photos...a sample of close up mini tag and a sample how the magnet looks like at the back of the tags...

Pretty Colourful dont you think?

Loving it to bits ! Assorted Colours and patterns; an order from Intan Nor. She wanted Credit Card Size Mini tags of Thank You in 30 units ! Thats alot right? But I had fun playing with the colours =D

Email me and you gonna like it ! fredyna85@yahoo.com or sms me for fast response ( my number is in the blog, not gonna publish it often; you just got to know why..)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Opening orders for guestbook and such for Dec and November's Wedding !!!


Book yours now..so many items for wedding...
All Purely handmade !

 Scrapaperclip Wedding favors includes :
** Full ring binding Handmade guestbook with fabric covers
** Mini Signage for Guestbook Table.
** Wedding Board for Bilik Pengantin or Meja beradab. 
** Hantaran Deco like Cheque covers, Cards/ tiny signage for hantarans'
** Gifts to the Bride or Groom in Frame

and lots more...almost anything that you can Imagine !!!!

Samples of recent works !



Guestbook with Doilies.



Wedding frame

Mini signage of pink roses

Mini signage of red roses

mini signage

pastel mini signage

wedding vow card of pastel pink and purple

Guestbook and wedding vow card



Wedding Board for Bilik pengantin

Wedding Board for Bilik pengantin

Wedding Board for Bilik pengantin

What's more to say ? Email me and you will be surprised !!

fredyna85@yahoo.com or sms me for fast response 017-4690220


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mini Signage for Sue Zela : Love like Pink

Dearest All, 

Presenting 'Love like Pink !'

The full version of the item =))
This time around I used pink theme as to oppose the theme given to me by the soon-to-be-bride, Sue !
I think it suits her well since the photo she gave me too is indeed in pink !

Interested to have the item just like her? Email me and you would be surprised  !

Oh btw I can apply the same method on almost anything.be it guestbooks or greeting cards, signage for any multi-purpose, frame....even at places you tot impossible ! 
That's what it meant by ' BE CREATIVE' !

That's all for now...will update more on the up-coming guestbook which I have designed in and out..yes in and out meaning..the front cover and the inside pagess too...custom-made for a client ==)) 

Have A nice weekend... in advance =))
p/s tot of watching the thing at GSC heheheh

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