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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Salam Ramadhan ...

Raya Card 1

Raya Card 2

Raya Card 3

Salam and Greetings to all lovelies...
Ramadhan is here with  us and I wanna wish all muslims a Blessed Ramadhan.
May this Ramadan bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity

I made these 3 cards just before the Ramadhan approached. These were the custom cards (not entitled to Promo) 
So if interested in any of the designs kindly email me yea fredyna85@yahoo.com

For more can browse through my facebook page oke =D
Bottom of the blog there is my facebook badge, once there you click and find Scrapaperclip albums !

Toodles !!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aidilfitri Postcards!

Horizontal Postcard with different design

Vertical Postcard Design

The front and back look for the postcard

Many more to come....

Just for fun...you can opt for a doodle of a girl or a boy =D

Or perhaps a couple ?

Another project by Scrapaperclip; Farah's Doodle.
First project under this sub di...vision =D

Postcard style for Raya.
Fun friendly and yet simple and colourful.
Flat rate Rm5 per piece with front and back deco !
Design Differ from 1 card to 1 card, order to order...thats what custom means =D
Can choose to have all girls doodle, all guys, or a couple or a girl or a boy...pick one oke.
The rest leave to me =D if u trust my works =D

Free delivery from sender to recipients only with no stamp charges !
Return customer 10% off okeh !

Interested email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com

Give me details of : 
Full name: 
H/P No:
Delivery Add (if not send to recipient):

Message in the card:
Recipient and Sender's Nickname:
Recipient's Add :

**** If you order more than a card, kindly separate the details ****

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another product by Scrapaperclip ! Favors and Gifts !

Since Convocation is approaching I guess it is time to launch our latest product.

This favors and gifts product is a request-based product meaning, some one can actually request gives by customizing their messages and gifts to be delivered to that special some one.

For more of the catalogue kindly go to this link here : Favors and Gifts

For prices and quotation can email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com or sms me for fast response.
Free delivery around USM area oke.

Soon will upload bouquets and simple flowers with affordable price =D

Cheerios !

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shutter Card made for Aimi

This one is custom made for Aimi using shutter cards.
Shutter card is more or less the same like a book but only with 4-8 pages.
For more of the basic shutter card kindly go to this link Shutter Cards and scroll down for Shutter Card label.
You can custom it with any quantity of pages you like depending on what you want to have inside.
You can make it as your own personal journal too.

With the theme of gold, silver and bronze and some photos given by her,
this is how it looks like.

The front cover; hard cover

Contemporary Idea with a vintage past.


A memory worth to be kept inside a mini shutter card.

More of it...nice ? do u like it? Made it look like a scrapbook work; maybe not so much.

The perspective

The card final outlook tied with coconut shell button and twine.

The envelope; recycled paper bag with rose tag tied with tiny lil twines..
Interested Kindly email me at 

Worth to try !

Wedding Poster customade for Nurul and Nuril

Post Wedding Posters !

Yea you read it right.
This one particular of client, my regular client who previously bought my handmade guestbook requested this poster to be made as a wall poster in their bedroom.

She personally requested the size of A0 so that she can hang and make it as part of the head bed in their master bedroom.

As I said before this poster is suitable for all occasion, not just for wedding, birthday and all sorts of celebration, we can custom made for you with a reasonable price.
Trust me no one has ever done this before so why not try one and you will definitely gonna love it to bits!

The samples I am about to show you is part of the options given to her so she picked the Option 1 to be printed out. 
For more details on this Super Size large poster go to Digital Posters

Option 1 - the one she picked.

Option 2 - the choice of my own, coz I think collage works better when we have close up photos.

Option 3
Interested? email me fredyna85@yahoo.com for more !
A technique worth to keep !!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hari Raya Cards Package deal !

Hello peeps ! 
Just came back from Bangkok for a conference.
Schedule pack as ever...busy preparing for final draft thesis..

All in all I have a few projects coming up but that will have to wait till I finished my viva in November InsyaALLAH.

A deal for Ramadhan since its approaching us in less than 2 weeks...
Ramadhan card made specially for loved ones, so you probably do not want to miss this customized cards !

Will upload of the samples insyaALLAH by end of this week.
So stay tuned ! For enquiries kindly email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com
Wedding Guestbook promo is still up for grabs...6 units left...so hurry !


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Lets go hunting for vintage items eh...
To all Penangites...Jom Heritage !
For more go to Georgetown Festival

Cheerios !
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