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We sell Grade and Original Perfumes, Original MIniatures and Vials, Batik Sarawak, Artwork (Handmade Items) and Digital Artwork, and Gifts !!!!!!!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BFF discounts and Freebies !!!!

Hello Sayangs and Lovelies !
I am so excited....overwhelmed by what I am about to announce here =D.
Have a couple of promotions running all at the same time in conjunction with

CNY, Valentine's Day and My blogshop 1st Anniversary !!!!!

Thats right honey-dewey...Last 2 days My blogshop turned 1 year old =D (never really get the chance to update on time).
I wanna thank to all my lovelies and followers for supporting me and purchasing items from F'perfumes and Art.
Hence, to commemorate this triple celebrations
we are having a bigger ....
promotion (BFF discounts) plus freebies !!!

 for all items sold including perfumes, handmade cards and digital artwork !
I will have another special post for the freebies right after this one !

PERFUMES !!!!!!!!!

1st : BFF Discounts (Best Friend Forever) !!!!

A) With Every Purchase of 2 perfumes of any kind (couple set or etc) in a single purchase, you are entitled to 10% BFF discount for the next purchase and so on !!!!
Upon arrival of your items, you will receive a BFF discount card which can be used for your next and next purchase !!!! 
Plus for Valentine's promo all wrapping is F.O.C (free of charge)

However it is limited to only 20 BFF discount cards.
So hurry place your order now ! Be the first to enjoy this offer !

Your names will be enlisted here :
1. Nurul Asyikin Jamal Azmi
2nd: Handmade Star Flower Brooch !!!

However dont fret oke people, for those who purchase only a bottle of perfumes you are entitled to a freebie!!!!!!!
A limited  handmade star flower brooch or handphone love keychain (just like in the photo below) =D
Isnt it adorable ? Only while stock last oke !!!!

 You can use it as shawl pin or place it anywhere you like ! The size of 20 cents =D
** Offer doesnt apply to Miniatures or vials and Mirage perfume oil.


Handmade Cards and Digital Artwork !!!!

Orders between 1st February until 28th February you will be getting :

1. Free postage for all handmade cards or any items as per request.
I'm taking orders for Anniversary and Valentines day card....other cards also available.
** Doesnt apply to orders of guestbook and photo album

2.  Free of Charge (F.O.C) digital artwork i.e e-cards, header design and etc relating to digital work.
But to entitle to this one you need to be my follower and copy my blogshop badge of F'perfume on your sidebar =D ! Simple right? Then leave a link in my comment so that I am able to track =D. If you dont have any blog just leave me your email add oke ?

So guys, you should be overwhelmed !
Hurry now ..any enquiries please dont hesitate to email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com or sms me 017-4690220 for quick response !

Cheers !!!
F'perfumes and Art

*** Terms and Conditions Apply***
We have the right to reject or terminate any order where necessary.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary to F'perfumes and Art !!!!

Yeay !
Celebrating our 1st Anniversary....

Will be having a massive celebration.....
Just hang on...you gonna love it !

Lots of Lurve ,
F'perfumes & Art

Business postcard Completed!

I am delighted coz one of my projects have finally completed, 
well at least half way through. I just finished the design and the client already approve it !

Below is the sample I have done for her.
This is actually a request from Izzati, my client to design a very simple and yet its formal and elegant business postcard.

She ordered 150 piece of postcards (100piece to 150 piece is the minimum order number) to be distributed to her own clients for business purposes.
I have done  a few other sample/alternatives but she finally resorted to this one down below :

This postcard is design front and back. So the top picture is the front side of the postcard with her initials and below is her form as requested.

This digital design postcard is totally designed by me, including the printing fees.
For further enquiry kindly email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com

Here in F'perfumes and Art we offer the best price we could give you without compromising quality!

Cheers !!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello, hELLO, dear friends !

Happy Sunday friends !
Its been a lil hectic these days, writing up my thesis 

Orders of perfumes and artwork is like usual (my business never stops =D) so keep on coming oke peeps!

By the way ,
Alhamdullilah, lately I've been getting a lot of request for handmade card making and digital design . 
Currently I am working on 4 projects which are confirmed :

~ Alll are handmade items ~

1. Wedding Photo Album/Cards for Fad's Anniversary.
2. Wedding Anniversary Card for Nurul 
3. I love you card for Nurul again.

~ And also include Digital artwork for ~
4. Postcards for insurance clients -150 pieces for Izzati

Currently am hunting down some stuff for the card making coz all work due end of this february !
So interested can sms me at +6017-4690220 (for quick reply) or email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com.

*Please be informed that for bundle orders need to be informed at least 3 months.*

Cheers and lots of lurve from
F'perfumes and Art !

Monday, January 10, 2011

Y.E.S >>> Year End Sale !!!!

YES !!!!

Definitely YES - Year End Sale !!!!

Sorry for the hiatus, been busy with my thesis =P
Anyway, we've got a last minute promotion !!!!!!!

What do we offer ???
Every Purchase of items below :
Original Perfumes ! Graded perfumes ! and Handmade Cards !!!

You will receive a Y.E.S gift !!!!

So the more you buy the better the gift !!!!!

Promotion is from today 31st Dec - 17th January 2011 !!!! (extend the date )

So wait no more start browsing and place you order nowww !


**** Collective/bundle orders is accepted.
*** only while stock last =P

Cheers !!!!!!

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