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We sell Grade and Original Perfumes, Original MIniatures and Vials, Batik Sarawak, Artwork (Handmade Items) and Digital Artwork, and Gifts !!!!!!!

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Coming Soon ~

Well Perhaps it is too early to reveal.
But I guess, by telling this I hope it will come true....well at least it is halfway through.

You dont get what I said ?
hehe its oke....you will know when the time comes yea =D
 Some photos for you to guesss......

This is still at the pre-mature stage. Try and Error approach to achieve the end product. 
Post this entry as part of a record.
I am not making any jewelleries that's for sure....in the mean time I let you guys guess till the time has come for me to reveal about this one project =D
It might take sometime before I can announce it officially..but I can promise you, it will come out by end of this year !! (wohohooh too long to wait? hehehe please stay with me oke)

Since I've been publishing a lot or artwork, kindly read my Disclosure/Disclaimer.
All of my creative artworks and photos are copyright to me yea...
If you wanna use any of the works or photos kindly inform me.

That's All for this weekend. Have a nice one yea.

A birthday card !

Code: FD17

An order from Dear Anis, 
A birthday card from her to him....
For more of my previous works kindly go to here or email me for further enquiries !

Happy Weekend !

p/s - Taking orders for mothers day card ! Do something special for your beloved mum !!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Open for oders...Mother's Day Card !!!!!

Perhaps it is too early aite?

But handmade is not something that you can rush.
So I am opening orders for Mother's Day Card.

 Mother's DaY cARD ORDER !
and other greeting cards or artwork too.. =D

How to purchase?
Just browse through my label under Scrapaperclip for samples/ portfolio  or go to my facebook page which is here to get the sample's coding and etc. All photos in the album are just sample. So if you order it might not be exactly the same unless you want it too. (I dont usually repeat design unless requested yea and exact remake usually depends on the stock of material a.k.a while stock last oke.)

Then after browsing my portfolio send me this details as below to my email add : fredyna85@yahoo.com

1. Full Name: 
2.  Email:
3. H/p No : 

4. Code Sample: 
a) Recipent's Nickname : (short name )
b) Sender's Nickname : (short name )
c) Message inside the card : (leave it blank it if you personally want to write inside) 
5. Quantity:
6. Expected to Deliver before : (put your date so that I can complete and deliver the item ordered in time.)

That's all and I'll get back to you within 24hrs upon sending the email yea.
You can also email me just to enquire about the design, availability or price quotation yea. 
So wait NO MORE....hurry and place your order !!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hot from the oven: Pink Theme Available Now !

Thinking of someone lately?
Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Husband? or Wife?

Erm...Perhaps a friend?
I have something installed just for you.
All pink for this coming batch...and may I present to you the first pinkish hot from the oven (well not so much been doing it since last weekend only now able to upload =D )

Code: Pinkish one !
 The overall look with cream envelope

 Close up of the details 

 More Close up

At the moment I have 1 available 
to be customized inside....so wait no more book now !

Hurry up...I can sutomized more pinky cards of the same nature but different design..
I really hope you like it !
Open for orders....email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com
For more go to my facebook to see more of the collections !

Cheers !!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hanging Cards for order =D

 JOM ORDER !!! All sorts of Designed card !

This is another version of hanging card.
This time around the theme colours are black, white and gold with red as the main focus colour.
An Anniversary Card of 3 pages with different sizes.
I dont usually repeat the design unless requested =D

* KIndly Ignore the Yellowish and unwanted things you see in the photos - really not a suitable time to take photos when people are all around in the house =D *

Code FD15- The front page
You can hang almost anywhere you like =D

The second page 

The 3rd page where all your messages lie here safely.

Some perspective views =D

I hope you like the design....its kind of last minute idea.
Interested can email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com
I can design almost anything within your budget. 
So fret no more !

For more of my handmade cards kindly see them at my facebook acc, where you can click here : my facebook badge for the coding and photos.

Cheers ! Happy Monday Ahead =D
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