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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guestbook : Muna And Zul

  whats inside the box?

 Helloo darlings,

Below is another sample I did for a wedding of Muna & Zul, took me sometime coz I am currently busy with my master's work.
 I dont usually do art work during week days except when I am totally sick of reading or typing haha

 So another work not so much different from Nurul and Nuril's version...but of course there is a difference. I dont usually repeat the exact design for customers.

 Hope you enjoy the latest addition of my artwork...I also did some thing new to the first page by adding a new style of paper flower.

Let's Check Em out !

 The completed work

 Close -up

 Cute and very heartwarming....for the bride and groom to write lil note to guests.

The new paper flower I did on her wed guestbook.

For more kindly email to fredyna85@yahoo.com

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

HOT DEAL !!!! Guestbook Promo !

Hello Hearties !
Since its June, almost half the year Scrapaperclip been running online...so I thought why not having some promo right? In conjunction to mark the 6th month of Scrapaperclip Anniversary !

So whats the HOT DEAL?

Price Slashed !
 to RM150 !!!!

Its limited to 7 units only, so first come first serve basis !

Thats alot huh? 
What you will be getting in this Hot deal Mid-Year Promo...
1. Guestbook of 100sheet/200 pages with fabric linen hardcover (black linen)
2. Decoration on the front cover only
3. Box and Wrapping !

**** All 7 units will differ a bit from one and another in terms of layout and design coz I dont usually repeat the same design over and over, only take the elements requested and design a new one with it ***

Booking goes to :

1. Kak zu's
2. Suliana's
3. Junaidah's
4. Zafira's
5. Muna Mastura's

Comes in two design elements :
Sample of Design Element which you may choose :

Design Element 1
(Quill Love and Patterns)

Design Element 2 (ignore the book)
(paper roses)

and of course box and wrapping all include!

So if interested kindly email details as below !

Full Name: 

Delivery Address : Preferably Office Add if you have any.
Contact No (h/p) :
Wedding Date :
Bride and Groom's name :
Design Element : Choose from Design Element 1 or 2
Payment Method : Cimb or Maybank
Enquiry: If any.

And email all of the details to fredyna85@yahoo.com or sms me at 017-4690220
Will get back to you in 24hours.
Opprotunity comes knocking only once !

Friday, June 10, 2011

2nd Design for father's day card !

You gotta love this one !
A new technique and style I am adopting.
Kinda like the outcome.
Much simpler outside, complicated inside hehe'

And really hope you too......
an order from dear millie =D
This one actually 2 occasion combine 1...birthday and also father's day hence the date in front =D
Interested kindly email me before this 15th! 

The front cover of the card. This one do not come with envelope. hence the simplicity of the front view. Just important dates. It is tied with parcel string to give the nature look on the outside.

This card when untie.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa..............combination colour of orange and yellow..giving the focus to the nature earth colour card.

Close up view on the roses...

Close up view on the T-shirt with a neck tie =D

all fathers gonna love this one....I bet!

been taking a lot of these photos of roses...kinda impressed with myself...hahaha >>> self indulgence !

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day Card....and more to come.

Hello !
Here's of one of the Father's Day card design.
This one is an order from Reza.

Front view of the card...with a manly touch...not so fancy but direct

Perspective view 1

Perspective view 2

Inside message

ready to be delivered....
So do you like the card? make your order now and make your father feels special.
Interested kindly email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com
Customization of card according to your desire and budget !

And  I just finished designing this one particulat guestbook for Zafira. Her wedding will be held this Saturday ! A last minute preparation, really hope she likes them !

A different touch for this particular guestbook. Added 2 roses in betweet.

A theme of silver with a lil red for contrast.

Cheerios !!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Photo Album for Noor Aini

Hi peeps,
Remember I was working on this photo album...
I've been sick on and off for sometime but somehow I have to get this done since its coming to its dateline.

This is in fact my second photo album made for a customer. Before this I have made for Fadzila, you can read on this post here under customized album =D

Anyway same as Fadzila, I am using the photo album made from natural materials to make it look more old antique, which consist of :

10 sheets / 20 pages with 2 slots of 4R photos each page (40pc of 4R photos can be included)
The front cover is made of natural materials like dried leaves, bark trees and etc.
Good album coz its very strong and can stand on its own for display purposes too =D

As for the client, she wants me to decorate without having the photos included coz she wants to place on her own. So I did some kind of a random border and some default borders. 
This album I decorated :
** The front cover.
5** 5 pages with main decorations with embellishments and some sketches and wordings.
** The balance 15 pages I decorated using default borders for her future photos to be placed inside the album.
** 1 box and wrapping.
 ** All items are 100% handmade by me except for the album

So here's the photos for more details and elaborations!

 ~ The front cover ~

~ I designed the front cover to look more like soft grunge style with red paper roses and glittering leaves and some wordings to commemorate their journey in their marriage - 100% handmade by me from the roses to the wordings =D ~

 ~The first page. Client is free to explore the placement of photos according to the designed border ~

~ 2nd page decoration with some paper flowers and stamps and wordings too ~

 ~ 3rd page with some 3d embellishements ~

 ~ 4th page with paper flowers again and some wordings ~
~ 5th page ~

~ both photos above are the 2 defautl borders for the balance of 15 pages =D ~ She can add more later in in the future~

~ Ready to be delivered to client's house : with of course some mini white rose tag and parcel string complete the whole packaging ~

As I have mentioned earlier... this album is definitely worth buying...decoration on the display cabinet makes it perfect for newly wed !!!!!!

Interested ? Kindly email me at fredyna85@yahoo.com ! I will design based on your budget.

Cheers !

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrating Father's Day ? ! Open orders for handmade cards !

Yeay ! 

What's the date again ? 
June 19, 2011
We will be celebrating Father's day every 3rd Sunday in June...

So you wanna show just how much you love your father and you dont know? 
Well here's the place !!!
We do customized handmade cards for fathers day !

Closing date of Order are 
June 15th outside Penang, and  
June 18th  for those in Penang !

So why wait ! Place your order now by email to me at fredyna85@yahoo.com all your details like :
Full name : 
Delivery Add :
Contact No:
Payment method : CIMB/Maybank
Message in the card : (can opt to leave it blank  if you want to hand written)
Your Nickname in card:
Your father's Name: Dad/ Ayah/ Papa/ Father etc __________

In the meantime I am working on this particular photo album...might be using the same techniques for father's day card....anyway Enjoy !

Do you like the album so far? hehe
Cheerios !
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